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Top 10 Beaches in Mumbai

Top 10 beaches in Mumbai

Even biggest seas have the corners where they end and touch the earth. The places near the seas or corners, where water flows in lower amounts and comes and goes back in the sea are called shores. Now, the pebbly and sandy places around the shores of the sea are known as beaches. Beaches are great places for those in love with the tides of the sea because you can experience and evidence the dance of the sea tides by remaining on the beaches.

Mumbai, formerly named as Bombay is the capital city of India; a country located in the eastern side of biggest continent of the world, Asia. Mumbai is known for its film industry and every year hundreds of movies hit box office that are made in Mumbai. It is a coastal city of India, densely populated, located on the western coastal side. There can be found some very ancient temples having sculptures of Hindu gods and goddesses.

Moreover, Mumbai has a biggest port and due to being a coastal city, Mumbai has so many interactive beaches that attract millions of tourists on per annum basis. These beaches are located on different sides of the city, so you get a chance to see side of the multicultural-India from different angles and sides.

Here is a list of top ten most visited and best beaches in Mumbai that you must consider in your list of visiting places while having a trip to India.

Mumbai Weather, climate and geography:

Before visiting Mumbai India, you must have information regarding its bits and bobs like Mumbai Temperature, Mumbai language, and where is Mumbai on Indian map. This thing will help you in packing, planning date and time of your trip, deciding staying period, and finding it on the globe.

Mumbai India, also known as Mumbai city is one of the developed places in India. Due to being located on the coastal side of the sea, Mumbai Temperature is moderate. You get nor a cold neither a hot atmosphere around Mumbai. The highest and lowest Mumbai Temperature recorded are 30 which show that overall temperament of the city is gorgeous throughout the year and is great to visit.

To find Mumbai on Indian map, you can download location apps or simply find the province of Maharashtra in which Mumbai city is located. Mumbai beach is the famous attraction for tourists. Furthermore, talking about Mumbai language, due to being located in Maharashtra, the main language is Marathi. However, there are many other folkloric languages are spoken in Mumbai including Gujarati, Dangii, Kannada, Konkani, Varhadii, Telugu, and Hindi.

English is also spoken widely in Mumbai so if you know English, you will not have to hire anybody to guide you through Mumbai beach. You can find your way on your own by asking the locals.

Now, to the list of top ten beaches in Mumbai city:

Juhu beach

Juhu Beach:

Juhu beach in Mumbai is surrounded by Arabian Sea and it is one of the biggest beaches of India. The beach is always filled by locals and the foreigner tourists especially on the weekends there is not a single place empty.  Due to being the most popular place and always crowdie by the peeps, Juhu beach Mumbai hotels can be found all across the beach. The hotels around the Juhu beach are Italian, Indian and Chinese etc. All with this, you can join Juhu beach club for dancing and pubbing. However, beware of the monkeys because due to being scared according to Hindu religion, monkeys are found in abundance around the beach. Now, to reach Juhu beach Mumbai, you can take a bus or hire local coach.

Gorai beach

Gorai Beach:

If you are a loner and just annoyed by the crowd, Gorai beach in Mumbai is just the place you need to go to. The place occupied by the calmness and the serene sound of the tides hitting the shores. Moreover, you also find the Gorai beach resort around this place to stay and have best accommodations of your life. This resort is filled with Gorai beach hotels and restaurants of various kinds where Indian and western cuisines are served. For simple picnics in the cost-effective manner, Gorai beach is the most recommended place. Moreover, the place can be visited with whole family because you find so many attractions for kids like Essel World and water kingdom are best places for kids to have fun in a secure way.

Marve beach

Marve Beach:

Goa is the place where you can look at the western and most modern side of India. Marve beach in Mumbai just gives you glimpse of Goa because most of the people living around belong to Christian religion, who follow western cultures mostly. However, the place is so modern yet enchanting, best especially for the newly marrieds because you can find so many attractions for couples. Marve beach couples is the most trending hashtag on Instagram when it comes to visiting the places with your spouse. The list doesn’t just end here because Marve beach also include various types of hotels around it. The best Marve beach hotels include an Italian restaurant and an open air seafood hotel. Moreover, don’t forget to visit a number of Portuguese churches located around the Marve beach and the Essel World.

Madh island beach

Madh Island Beach:

Once again, for those hating crowds and want to spend some time alone in the laps of Mother Nature, beach house Madh Island is just the place you need to go. Madh island beach in Mumbai is alone, peaceful, and filled with scenic views of the sunrise and sunset. From dawn to dusk, the beach is visited by tourists but as the Madh island beach are is so huge, therefore, it mostly feels alone. You can find beautiful huts around the beach or simple nature filled stones to sit and have an impacting view of Mother Nature. All with this, St. Bonaventure church is the biggest attraction located around the beach house Madh Island.

Aksa beach

Aksa Beach:

Are you in love with Bollywood songs? If yes, then you would have listened to the Salman Khan’s song in which he is flattering his girlfriend by offering him a round around the Aksa beach. So, if you are visiting Mumbai, you can actually visit Aksa Beach and find out what Salman Khan was talking about. The beach is beautiful, interactive, and filled with enticing sceneries of the nature because you can find a garden of coconut trees around it. It is the only beach with clear sand and enough cleanliness around. Moreover, according to tourists, the best time to visit Aksa Beach is at night. Aksa beach at night is bathed in the lights and music pumping your ears and appearing from the Aksa Beach hotels located nearby. All with this, you can also find Aksa Beach resort to stay and spend best time of your life.

Versova beach

Versova Beach:

Versova beach Mumbai is ideal to build a healthy living so you can find so many people around the place doing yoga, running, and jogging etc. The biggest reason behind this is that Versova Beach is always filled with cool air blowing around and due to this it is also called the best and most enticing beaches of India. While visiting this place, don’t forget about the Versova Beach turtles as there are plenty of species and types available all across. These animals are calm and friendly while lost in their own world and saying nothing to the tourists. Not only this, you can find so many types and species of different marine animals especially during the fish shows that are held around the place. In the shows, classic species of the fishes are auctioned that you can buy for eating or having with you as pets. The place is located nearest to the Siddhivinayak Temple and you can take bus or private taxis to reach this place.

Girgaum chowpatty

Girgaum Chowpatty:

Girgaum Chowpatty beach is located in amidst of city area of Mumbai hence you can have a look at Indian downtown here. By sitting on the stones located all over the beach near waterside, you can have a view of amazing nature. Moreover, as Girgaum Chowpatty is located nearest to city; therefore, there are so many options available for foodies. You can find fast food restaurants, seafood restaurants, and some very dhabas offering Girgaum Chowpatty food in local cuisines of India. People from the adjacent areas come to this place in the evening after work to relax their minds and spend time with their friends and loved ones. Moreover, if you visit Mumbai during the Ganesh Chaturthi festival, you can see immersion of the Indian lord Ganesh in the water around Girgaum Chowpatty beach.

Dadar chowpatty beach

Dadar Chowpatty Beach:

Another beach, famous for its attachment with Indian god Ganesh Dadar Chowpatty Beach is mostly filled by the locals. This beach is not much crowded, and you can find only some group of friends or couples walking around the shores of Dadar Chowpatty Mumbai, so it contains a peaceful and calm atmosphere. So, if you are interested to spend some time alone while listening to the songs of the water on the shores, visit Dadar Chowpatty. You can find some extremely sumptuous food corners around this place that offer local food with spices and tastes of India. The beach is located in the city area side so you can also find other different options to eat like fast food and international cuisines etc.

Uran beach

Uran Beach:

Uran Beach in India is the only beach having three sides or shores while all sides are bunched with longer series of coconut trees. This beach is located in a small village named Uran, where mostly people live by selling fishes so you can say that Uran Beach Mumbai is located in the fishing village. However, due to being located in the village, as you don’t find so many options to stay and eat hence Uran Beach resort is built around it. In this resort you can find Uran Beach hotel with best accommodations and food. The place is calm yet very friendly Indians are living around it so you will have great time of your trip while visiting Uran Beach Mumbai. Don’t forget to have some security with you especially if you are female because sometimes in village areas you can’t feel in safe.

Kalamb beach

Kalamb Beach:

Kalamb Beach is an unexplored lace by the tourists and even local Indians. It has great importance in terms of giving some catchy views of nature. You find many exotic yet enchanting views for photography around the Kalamb Beach Mumbai. The sand on the beach is thick however due to being unexplored, you find very less options to stay and eat. The famous Kalamb Beach farmhouse is there for you to stay and give best food. The best thing about visiting Kalamb Beach Mumbai is just to have some breathtaking views of the nature. All with this, I would suggest that crime rate around the less crowded areas is a little higher in India. Hence, be careful while going to Kalamb Beach alone. Also, don’t go there during dark time as it can be dangerous for your safety.

In the end, I would like to say that India is one of the beautiful countries in the world. The nation also owns the biggest film industry. Indians are known in the world for their acting talent. However, due to low literacy rate, there are some people who can be little dangerous for tourists. Nevertheless, if you will hire a tourist guide with you, he or she will make your visit safe. So, while visiting India, don’t forget to trip the list of beaches mentioned above.